Intercultural Training: Reflections

Apr 4, 2019

Intercultural Training: Reflections

It is never too late to share about good things.
My previous course lead and I organized a workshop on Chinese International Well-being last Friday.

I was fortunate to be given this opportunity and funding to work with staff and professionals from Manchester Universities and the local community.
This event is meaningful in many ways.
We looked at a different culture other than the English local one, and it matters.
We didn’t just talk.
We worked together.
We creatively engaged with activities to generate discussions.
And it was more than a discussion,
as we actively related to how we can change and take action in the next steps.

We could address intercultural communication and its challenges when individuals come from different cultural worlds.
And it is not just about cultural difference.
We opened up the discussions on the wider socio-political National/international affairs.
We agreed with institutional complexity and disconnection as the biggest obstacle.

What’s going to happen?
Nothing has changed after the event.
I say,
we have changed.
We have connected and bonded.
We have collaboratively produced ideas and shared feelings.
And now it depends on us to take the next step.
A day workshop is just a beginning of a social action.
For change to occur,
the next effort and commitments matter.

I look forward to the next upcoming work.

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