How are Therapy and Coaching different?

How are Therapy and Coaching different?

This is a common question for me particularly that I offer both support.
This is what you need to know – My working style is not a rigid transfer from the traditional therapy and coaching learning. I have built work competencies and did many studies in the two fields alone, and I deeply believe 1 + 1 > 2. Coaching and therapy compliment one another.

In therapy and coaching, I ‘do the dance’ with my own Corimus Philosophy. Corimus sees through similarities and common grounds of the two support. This is why I can flexibly reverse limitations of the sole support. I simply bridge the gaps by pulling the strengths of the other support. I would provide psychoeducation in coaching; I also welcome goal oriented discussions in therapy.

But certainly you may want to know the theory of what they are in general.


Therapy addresses some of your current and past challenges or problems which have hindered your current life. The challenges/problems can vary in regards to different levels of severity, types of harm (physically, psychologically/emotionally, socially, financially, etc.), duration of impact and etc. I work with you on enhancing your awareness of your problems, and help you gain an integrative understanding of them. I also help you develop coping strategies and shifted thinking pattern which you can effectively apply in your life.


Coaching focuses on your goals and ambitions in your current/future life. It has a strong direction towards solutions seeking and executing. While it also aids your increasing awareness like therapy, it differs from the therapy’s approach on exploring the past, rather focuses on cultivating your values/beliefs, actions and feelings which directly link with your aspiring goals. In this case, by taking part in coaching, you (the client) will have an understanding you have the power to grow and deal with your limitations, or the more serious issues which relate to psychological distress.

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