Lantern Festival – on Union and connection

Feb 8, 2020

Lantern Festival – on Union and connection

Today is the Lantern Festival in China.

The lanterns symbolizes people letting go of the past year and welcoming the new one.

This festival marks the end of the Chinese New Year celebrations.

People have traditionally marked the day by preparing a dessert – tangyuan.

They are glutinous rice balls with sweet fillings, mostly black sesame and peanut.

The rice balls are a symbol of union due to the round shape.

I haven’t celebrated this festival since I lived in the UK.

My friend reminded me of this and insisted making a bowl of tangyuan for us.

I felt connected. Not just by the rice balls, but also by my friend’s warm gesture.

This year 2020 has begun with disasters and epidemic. May we continue to stay and fight together for our humanity.

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