Short Story: Blind men and the Elephant

Nov 3, 2017

Short Story: Blind men and the Elephant

6 blind men touched an elephant.
Blind man 1: Its a wall (belly)
Blind man 2: It’s a rope (tail)
Blind man 3: It’s a tree. (Leg)
Blind man 4: It’s a fan. (Ear)
Blind man 5: It’s a snake (nose)
Blind man 6: It’s a spear (Tusk)

Who spoke the truth? All were accurate in terms of postulating the picture they could get hold of, yet their truths were only part of the bigger picture.
There is this one truth. And there are the different sub truths belonging to people’s real life experiences.

Remind ourselves our blind perspectives. We cannot get hold of all truths, but we can choose to not be blind.
Learn to listen to others’ views. Their points may not be the whole picture, but their experiences are equally valid and important as ours.

From: Chinese idiom of the Blind men and the Elephant.
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