Helping Means…

Helping Means…


While I was about to update my blog this week, I did something different – I went to google, and started searching for a charity to donate.

The first thing that came to my mind was children. Children are the most innocent beings. We often say they are the future leaders of the world, yet how often do we pay attention to many of those who are taken all the opportunities the world is supposed to give them?

War is one of the most brutal destructions to children’s lives. Not only do they forever lose their safety and homes, but even some, in fact very few got to receive the emergency aids from the world, the long-lasting impact is cast onto them, and the aid certainly do not last long.

We help not only because we feel we have to do something now. It is not a moment thing. More importantly, we make continuous contributions and effort to the community – OUR COMMUNITY.

I am a psychologist and practitioner, and I often say I devote to help those in need with my job. But this is not enough. I realize that much can still be done without my job title. How about just a cut of some drinks and save that few pounds (actually it’s more than a few pounds of course) for the monthly donation? How about watching one fewer movies and use that time to write a post like now, so that more can be reminded (I do not intend to use the word aware, as I believe many do actually know what’s happening, but just brush it aside with different reasons) what can be done?

In fact, I myself am learning to remove my ‘job glorious title’, and practically engage in helping as an individual. After all, I am just one of the many human beings, and nothing is more valid than this when I connect with another person. The fact is, I am not giving because I am wealthy, and I am giving something extra. I do not need to be someone extraordinary, or I have to reach the certain satisfactory standard level in order to give. I can give no matter big or small.

This is a day-to-day learning, as I know I am constantly pulled back to if not the hustle work schedule then temptations of the guilty pleasure. However, I believe that if we do take small steps to start NOW, and DO TAKE ACTION, we will change and make a difference.


This reminds me of the Starfish story (a story originated by Loren Eiseley (1907-1977); The Star Thrower) which reflects my feelings, and I hope to share it with you all before I end the post –

A man was walking along the shore one day and noticed the beach was added with a noticeable number of starfish. There was a boy walking in his direction, and he paused for many times as he came across each starfish, bent down, picked the starfish and threw it back to the ocean.

The man said to the boy, ‘There are thousands of starfish on this beach. You cannot make a difference even you do everything you can.’

The boy picked up another starfish and replied, ‘I cannot make the difference for all, but I can, and I am making a whole life difference for this starfish.’


I believe what is also important is the fact that through the sharing, the boy is also making a difference of the man. Via actions, the boy attracted the man and got the chance to share and clarify the rationale – indeed an empowering thought.

Perhaps this is the spirit of advocacy. It does not necessarily have to do with extreme violence or protest, but our consistent and opened actions.

May the sharing relates to you.

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