Month: October 2016

Face Our Fear

We certainly know we shall not run away from fear, yet it is always easier said than done. Fear is an emotion, a feeling which covers the many underlying bigger negative issues and things. I have worked with different clients on the encounter of fear, and most question that I ask is, ‘What causes your
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Just be Ourselves in Love

Sometimes we think that we can only love by doing what should be right. We try hard to change in order to be liked by the other. We try hard to behave according to the other’s pattern. However, without realizing, we may get tired of loving. We tell ourselves we just fall out of love.
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Prepare for the Changes

Another season has slowly emerged. Day by day, we begin to notice the changes – Nights begin to appear sooner, The warmth of the sun fades away on our skin, The fallen dead leaves lie on the ground everywhere, leaving the twigs shake alone in the freezy wind. There are different changes in our lives,
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