It’s just a bad day

It’s just a bad day


No one’s life is always perfect.
Sometimes our day just takes the abrupt downturn.

It’s easy for us to be frustrated, sulky and moody.
Afterall no one deserves to be pushed into a bad situation without a reason.

We could throw a tantrum.
We can just decide never to expect something happy would happen to ourselves again.
We could blame someone or something which holds responsible for our misfortune.

At times like this, I would sit with the feeling and reflect.
Perhaps it’s just one of the bad days.
When bad days happen, I may take it as an opportunity to reflect on my own doing.
Sometimes I can be amazed by the emerging thoughts on some of the issues I have identified yet avoided – sometimes my bad day is indeed related to my doing, and there is something I can do about.

A bad day, at the end, might turn into something meaningful.
It’s just one of the bad days.

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