Month: September 2016

Are we really that open-minded?

‘I am open-minded. I am against racism and any form of discrimination. I respect the human differences…’ These phrases are common to most of us, especially as we interact with the different people from all parts of the world. Being open-minded is much more than one’s demonstration of thinking and belief. Our behavior and underlying
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Have a good day.

From the smallest thing I gain the amazing empowering energy. An ordinary day can be turned to something meaningful if we let ourselves change our views and attitudes a bit. Have a good week. #photo #photography #plant #green #life #inspiration #sun

It’s just a bad day

No one’s life is always perfect. Sometimes our day just takes the abrupt downturn. It’s easy for us to be frustrated, sulky and moody. Afterall no one deserves to be pushed into a bad situation without a reason. We could throw a tantrum. We can just decide never to expect something happy would happen to
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When Love Cannot Change the Other

The Question of Love – When Love cannot change the other Different relationships are formed through the various forms of love and connections. Love is an important element in our lives, and it is manifested in different forms: simple and complicated, big and small, close and distant, positive and negative, etc. A complicated relationship is
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