Month: March 2016

Sachsenhausen Memorial and Museum

Sachsenhausen Memorial and Museum The site was the concentration camp for the political prisoners between the WW2 period, 1936 – 1945. Currently the site is used as a memorial and museum for visitors all over the world to witness the vicious human acts happening at the same place during the time. Someone might ask, why
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When there is Life, there is Hope

Spring is silently approaching. Rain falls. Temperature rises. Flowers grow. Water flows. Life brings us hope. Hope brings us life. May we continue to treasure each day. A new day comes everyday. We can always get a fresh start. Have a good day. #life #photo #photography #flower #pruning #daily #inspirational

Carpe Diem

Believe in yourself. Today is a brand new day. From darkness to the sunrise, the sky is repainted with new shades of white and blue. No matter what we have experienced before, or having regrets of not making a try yet, we can always make today a different day. Anything, no matter how small it
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No More Loser

Life is never just a page of a book. There are different chapters you go through, and once you are done with them, you can open another new book in the series. There is always hope in the future, as long as we never give up. Whatever mistakes or failures we have made, they are
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