Month: February 2016

Embrace the Waves

There are days when we feel gloomy. Sometimes it is due to the bad things we happen to encounter, the people who have impacted on us, or it is just a bad weather. Or something not reasonable at all. Negativity is like mold/mould which requires our constant cleanup. If we stop cleaning for a day
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Love, Love, Love

Because of the valentine’s festive day, signs of love seemed to be everywhere in the last few weeks. From chocolate, to couple meal set, or gifts like flowers, jewelry… Everything screams “you must have/get a partner!” Only not everyone gets a partner. Sometimes the happiest day can remind us of the love which is gone,
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A Place Called Home

There is nothing like a place called home. Home has always been a significant part in our lives. In the past, a home was heavily conceptualized upon physicality – a piece of land, a property, a bed – anything which generates the warm and cozy sense of home. People have progressed from relying on wild
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