Do Not Let Bullying Define Us

Do Not Let Bullying Define Us


Bullying is a harsh violence. It is not just about physical damage, but also the deeper emotional and psychological torture.

Sometimes I find that bullying does not necessarily involve just the bully and the ones being bullied. Those who are watching and remain silent are somehow the victims too.

Because of fear and pressure, we dare not to stand out and fight for what we believe in. Because of hesitation, we allow ourselves to be eaten up by guilt, until our morality is too rotten for us to feel anymore. Because of self-image and reputation, we passively let the events define who we are, and gradually we are truly shaped into the bullies.

Somehow I think that we have all been some sort of bully. Facing injustice and inequality, we at some point simply brush it aside. Perhaps it is because we are conformed to following the mainstream trends – success, stability in life, relationships, money, reputation, achievements…so much that we forget to attend to the surrounding. The unfairness, the crying for help. These things, even how small they are, or how distant, unnecessary or un-relatable they seem to be, they are important in defining who we are and we are to become.

Do not be defined. We define ourselves of who we are. Draw strength from the outside – there are people who are happy to listen, to share with us. Attend to our inner-strength. It is always here, and it is for us to find it and take it out.

Stand up and act. Start small.

There is always a way we find as comfortable to expressing ourselves. No matter how small or insignificant our actions seem, just do it.  Because we are making a difference not just to the others, but more importantly to ourselves.  Believe in our inner voice. Our conscience tells us what is right for us, and what it is the better person we want to be.  We act in accordance to what we believe in, that is, we are as good and real as who we are.

Be free from the social restraints. Be free from the ego and defense we cast onto ourselves. We let no one and nothing to define us but only ourselves.

Perhaps you are the direct victims of bullying, or you are the silent witness. May this be of little empowerment to you.  Stand up and define yourself.

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