Month: January 2016

Words behind Words

Sometimes things aren’t how they look on the surface. People may not be how they appear to be in the first few brief encounters. I remember a seminar I attended one time on learning about ethnography research, in which the speaker highlighted the value of an in-depth research – “You can give a descriptive picture
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Do Not Let Bullying Define Us

Bullying is a harsh violence. It is not just about physical damage, but also the deeper emotional and psychological torture. Sometimes I find that bullying does not necessarily involve just the bully and the ones being bullied. Those who are watching and remain silent are somehow the victims too. Because of fear and pressure, we
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From Avoiding to Facing Guilt

When under fault, somehow we all end up admitting our guilt with the next word of, “BUT…”. Avoidance is a very normal skill we are born to have, thanks to our fight-or-flight response mechanism. When we do not want to face what we have done wrong, we simply flee from the scene hoping to avoid
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Everyone deserves a quiet place to rest. Break. Reflection. Healing. Reformulation. In moments of stillness, calmness and tranquility, that is when the quiet energy gives its soft yet strong strength. Go find you own quiet zone. #quiet #calm #inspirational #empower #empowerment #photo #photography #hongkong #healing

Dim Sum in the Bamboo Steamer

Home food for the Chinese. Interesting cuisine for the foreigners. Representing cultural heritage in history. Types of food: Steamed vegetables and shrimp dumplings, Steamed mixed meat dumplings with peanut, Siumai (pork and shrimp in thin yellow floured wrapper), Cha Siu Bao (Barbecue pork filled bun wrapped with soft bread) #food #hongkong #chinese #cuisine #culture #home
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Happy New Year 2016

Sometimes what we need is a turning point for us to make changes. Stepping into the new year, we become refreshed and renewed. There are things we want to achieve, people we bond with. And so we welcome the year 2016 to come, so that we can make all things happen. Happy New Year 2016.
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