People Love People

People Love People

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Openness. Genuineness. Sensitivity.

Generosity. Acceptance. Empathy.

Respect. Compassion. Integrity.

These beautiful human qualities are far more than the strengths within a person.

See, none of these can be illustrated when a person is alone.

You cannot know how you embrace diversity until the moment as the encounter occurs right in front of your eyes.

A natural interaction you think you are capable of is never real until you personally engage in it.

And certainly sensitivity is built only when we allow ourselves to become aware of others’ own frames and not just our own.

Like playing an instrument, the manifestation of the human qualities is more than hitting the note.

It requires the understanding of the whole instrument concept, how it works.

Then in hours, days, months we regularly play it, because we let ourselves get used to having the instrument. We connect with it, and we master it. Songs by songs, we may still need to learn over again and again, yet our learning grows, and so the playing becomes more natural.

Same as generosity. Acceptance. Empathy. They are all absorbed by the process of experiencing with these qualities, and certain difficulties arise from time to time, and only when we maintain disciplined in connecting with these qualities, then we truly master them.

This is how compassion, respect and integrity persist within us despite the more ups and downs. We continue to meet the new and unfamiliar, and so we constantly get challenged to maintain such qualities.

All these do not exist without us being around the people. Our relationships are the foundations of our qualities. They are the meanings of us being the human beings.

I genuinely love people. I love talking to them, getting to know them, and connecting with them. Only by doing this I come to truly absorb the meanings of the human qualities.

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