It is hard to say goodbye

It is hard to say goodbye


Saying goodbye can sometimes be a very hard thing to do.

From denial, avoidance to acceptance, it is a difficult process.

We need to face the pain, loss, internal anger…all these wrapped chaotic emotions.

And not only we endure them, but then we also take further step to overcome.

We overcome by accepting, because acceptance is the most powerful consciousness with intertwined peace and subtle energy.

We accept to let go, because letting go is actually the best way of keeping the beauty of the everlasting love for the person.

What is gone is forever gone, yet it is only after a long time, then we begin to learn that perhaps the love and shared memories are never gone.

If we keep on trying to hold on to the past, then only can we fixate on the lost.

Only as we let go, then we are more than grateful that there is the most precious part of that person left forever inside our hearts.

And yet it is a difficult process, and we do need strength and support to get through it.

Let us be empowered by each other – hear and be heard.

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