Cultural Identity

Cultural Identity

I captured this view as I walked on one of the pedestrian bridges (the common indoor bridges built for connecting between two malls) in Admiralty, Hong Kong.

Hong Kong is a modern, busy and fast paced city. Yet I love my home, and I love its vibes no matter what it is like.

We do take in the energy from our home from time to time. When I walk on my city, I am reinforced to work smoothly and effortlessly upon the foundation of familiarity the city has built for us. Then when I go to the other places, the smell, the lightful colors of the architecture, the language, the air temperature…all these become the sweet memories which we treasure, and they solidify our cultural identity.

What is your home like? Let us take time to look around our home, and even share with the others what we are familiar with. We can be surprised by the different insights shed from each other.

 Hong Kong Admiralty

(Non-edited Photo taken by self via Cell Phone)

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