Month: August 2015

Sugar Helps with Brain Work

Sugar helps with Brain work! When we are so obsessed with diet and fitness, let us rather have an enjoyable and balanced eating habit. Surely there is a good side of sugar. Sugar is an absolutely good energy giver for the brain work, especially after the long sleep per night. It is particularly good to
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A Lovely Moment

A Lovely Moment This dog was waiting for his master (the local newspaper street stall owner) to finish work. This is absolutely an adorable moment. I imagine that when I walk through the newspaper stall after a long day work, and I see such patient dog sit still, a smile would be automatically formed on
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Cultural Identity

I captured this view as I walked on one of the pedestrian bridges (the common indoor bridges built for connecting between two malls) in Admiralty, Hong Kong. Hong Kong is a modern, busy and fast paced city. Yet I love my home, and I love its vibes no matter what it is like. We do take in the energy
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We Can Want to be Happy

“Why are you putting on a frown?” “Do you have to be unhappy all the time?” “Can’t you think of anything positive?” There are many things which pull us down. Stress us out. Agitate us. When we have thousands of thoughts of why we are upset/angry/hopeless, seldom do we take the initiative to ask, “Why
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Creative Fruit

People’s creativity can go in this nice way. Here is a squared water melon found in a Japanese owned supermarket. I find it an integration of nature’s creation and artifical advancement. #water #melon #watermelon #fruit #food #photography #photo #hongkong #supermarket #life #beautiful

Sunshine Before the Storm

Due to the influences of one of the biggest typhoons in the Taiwan area, Hong Kong has experienced heatwave in the past two days before the long heavy rain finally came. I took the chance to capture this moment of sunshine before the grey and thick clouds overwhelmed the sky. The weather is forever changing.
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Jogging Frees Our Minds

Jogging is a very good way for us to attain physical fitness. A jogging experience in a good environment can even add positivity in spirit. I jogged by shore some days ago.  The sun was bright, and there were merely a handful of people working out as I did. As I slowly adapted the pace,
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Life is Beautiful

We take in this scent of innocence, happiness. No matter what we have faced, what we will face, at this moment, we pause and just be calm. Give ourselves a little smile. Today is another beautiful day. I send you all a bit of empowerment. (non-credited photo) #smile #innocence #happiness #life #day #beautiful #empowerment #calm
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