Month: July 2015

Step Aside

One time as I went shopping with a friend. At some point, I stopped at some point and decided that I wanted to go to the washroom. We looked around for the toilet signs. Nil. So we took action to search for the signs. We walked to a dead end with nothing, so I went
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Good Physical Health Tips

Good physical health does not only bring bodily fitness and the enhanced attractive appearance, but it also tremendously relates to building good psychological health, e.g. one’s better mood, the enhanced motivation on actions taken, a more resilient mind on facing stress. In counseling work, or in person,I think that the focuses on psychological health should
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Guilty Pleasure

*Guilty Pleasure* Sometimes, I do let myself indulge in the scent of sweetness which helps me take a break from stress and pressure. More importantly, I enjoy sharing it with someone. #hongkong #apple #pie #dessert #food

Use Our Hearts

Sometimes, I do remind myself that I am the only person who can be blind folded by not being able to “see” the self. Because our eyes are made in the way that we see every surrounding thing, but not the self. If we only rely on our eyes on trusting the evidential things and
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Hong Kong Sunset, and Sharing

This is one of the ordinary sunset scenes in Hong Kong. Sometimes I share with people my amazement of the beauty of nature in Hong Kong, blending smoothly with the cosmopolitan city, only to realize their indifference towards it. One time I was in interaction with a lady who just returned to Hong Kong from
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Pondering on Anxiety

“When a string gets stretched beyond its uphold, a gentle pull/touch of it could lead to the explosive burst of deformation.” Anxiety is an emotion of worry, uneasiness experienced by everyone, often caused by the outer stressful stimuli like public speech, managing finances, etc. Some anxiety can be stimulating for better-ness; others are rather damaging
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