Month: May 2015

On Struggles: Let Them Out

There are the different struggles we face in life. I believe that even for the most determined and faithful person, there must be the struggling moments of “If I can just…” For instance, I find that sometimes we get stuck between the focus on self or the others. While the world is teaching us the
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The Nature: Blue Sky

A blissful clear white and blue moment emerging in between the rainstorm period in Hong Kong. The nature is amazing with its adapable power. In wild, or within the cities, it continues to show us the beauty. #nature #sky #clear #blue #beauty

Exploring on the Imperfect

For many of us, photography is one of the realest and sophisticated way of illuatrating beauty. Many seek the different styles and skills to create, or recreate the beauty of fronting view. I also like to capture certain inspiring moments in terms of photograpby. They help convey my feelings and thoughts in a different yet
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Attend To Our Spiritual Growth

There is no forever spiritual solidity. Like how we workout regularly before getting a toned and fit body shape, we continuously find our own ways to maintain spiritual health. In ways we watch out the daily junk food or artificial ingredients which harm our bodies, we become mindful of the outer stress, hustle distracters and
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Our Spiritual Health is Important Too

There are different kinds of physical pains and limitations. Some are the undeserved intolerable physical suffering that we wish we could avoid. The leg breakage from the car accident, the chemotherapy, and the suffocation in drowning. They are hard to confront and requires the long patience for the alleviation if no disappearance. I recall one time
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Spice Up Our Lives

There are different kinds of spices across the diverse countries. In China, particularly, people from 23 provinces have undergone the local cultural development of generating the unique flavors and tastes. This photo was taken in a Yunnan supermarket in which I was fascinated to find the different big pots of food spices and side dishes
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To All Mothers

To all Mothers in the world. Mother’s Day is not just on May 10, 2015, but also today, and the next day, the next next day, and so… As a mother’s love lasts forever, and so shall ours. #mother #day #love #inspirational #sharing #flower