Month: April 2015

The Power of Nature

Original Quote: “天行健,君子以自強不息。”          -《周易》 Nature itself is the biggest evidence of our inspiration and empowerment in the world. From the smallest cell, to the limitless Universe, the creator never neglects any detail. We are part of the Universe. In many ways we are nurtured and fed well from it. And so
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Give and Take: The Balance of Relationship

Since young, we are showered the educational learning of “be more giving”. One of the greatest Chinese philosophers, Confucius was praised at young for his considerate/selfless character. One time all siblings were given the delicious pears. Confucius, who was at the age of four, gave the bigger pears to the other siblings out of fraternal
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Go Do It

“Believe in Yourself. Close Your Eyes. Take in a Deep Breath. And then Go Do It. You will find Your Own Way.” Before we begin, there might be thousands of questions and doubts on our heads. We feel nervous, unsure, unfamiliar, fearful. Our hearts beat faster. Our palms become sweaty. And yet we close our
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Speak Up

*Speak Up.* For many who may be hurt and abused for the different reasons. Do not let them eat you up. Silence does not help get things go away. They change you, and finally you become someone you barely recognize yourself. Protect yourself, and so you speak out your mind. #speak #abuse #torture #inspirational #quote