Which One Do You Want More?

Which One Do You Want More?


“Between the nature and human civilization, I think we can find a way to have both.”

– Tiffany Leung

We human beings are surely the real fighters. For fulfilling gratification, we try the different ways in attempt of improving our lives.

On my usual way back to work this morning, I took time to notice the surrounding: I saw a makeup video demo on the traveling bus which turned a lady into a complete ‘different’ person. After a while, the traveling bus passed a number of land reconstruction sites which were next to the very recently built and opened cruise port – what a development. So much we have changed, and have created the artificial in replacement of the originality to attain the higher quality of living.

And at same time, nature has existed long before the human civilization, and remains standing. We are surrounded by the nature, and it never ceases to prove its significance in many different ways. The inseparable relationship between the green and the blue drives as the life engine of our planet.

There are ways we the human beings can work on to change the nature, to drive it, and even manipulate it. In more ways we realize we are simply more influenced and dependent on it.

Between the nature and human civilization, I think we can find a way to have both.

There is a way on working towards the balance of both.

And it depends on us to work on it.
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