Attending to the Unfamiliar

Attending to the Unfamiliar


For those who are not a sports fan, watching a match or game can be boring. Yet since the last few weeks I have been supporting the basketball matches organized by my college department, and found myself feeling different from expected.

Last year I acted in the same supporting role, and upon the occurrance or the event, I simply just did my job at the beginning, and then sneaked back to the office to work on my paper documents.

Yet this year, since my injury, I was forced to accept living a different life with an injured leg, and perhaps that was  led me to attend to the different others who think, feel and act in their own ways. I began to be curious at how the students enjoyed being in the game. I wondered the reason they could spend much time playing with a ball or even just stayed aside to watch.

And there I was at the game, and I had a good time. I felt anxious watching a player steal the ball from the opposing team, and I became worried seeing a team lose the spirit to hang on. The emotions arose along with my increasing emgagement in the game. I chatted with a few players at the game, and their vibes passed to me through a simple hand clap.

I understand that everything has its meaning and treasure, only until we take time to understand it. As I spent time on the basketball match and the people, I entered an amazing world with high spirits, determination, and teamwork.

And this is how we understand each other’s worlds, and grow to embrace them.

Only as we take time to attend to them.

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