Requite Our Own Injury with Kindness

Requite Our Own Injury with Kindness

Requite Injury_Nov 08 2014

This quote was written under the inspiration from a Hong Kong local TV drama series, in which the protagonist was in overwhelmingly suffering in facing the truth of her latter stepmother’s intentional indirect murder of the protagonist’s own biological mother. The protagonist wept with disbelief, and in front of her stood her lover, who gently told her to let go.

I picture the scene of me conveying the message “Requite own injury with kindness” to those under unfairness. I would not be surprised to receive strong responses of disbelief and aversion, “How can I just let go when others are doing THIS to me?”

It seems to me that many of us naturally bear this assumption that we do not deserve to be unreasonably wronged and eat up all the misery alone – under the suffering, particularly not caused by own responsible fault, how can we not get frustrated and obnoxious?

I wonder if it is due to our bitterness of own existing suffering which leads to our more provoked anger towards others’ faults. I think of the innocent children with the natural ability to express their feelings. When they get hurt and pain, they go for the direct way of releasing the emotions, via tears, or hug seeking from the parent. Such simplicity of response is perhaps the reason that “Children can become alright after a cry”. They seem to let go of things easily.

Whilst for us, the grown ups, our minds have become more complex. The gained knowledge and experiences have allowed our heightened maturity, yet also the increasing complication in decision and choices making. While hardships and setbacks accumulate within one’s heart, somehow we forget the easy ways to let go of them, which leads to their prolonged unresolved isolation and suppression.

That is how we arrive at the stage of being angry and hurt. We are angry, for no one’s notice and consideration of our own injuries, and this makes us even more hurt inside. And hence as we face the suffering caused by the others, we cannot help but act out the long suppressed anger and hurt. Afterall, it seems to make us feel better as we target someone, rather than reluctantly turning to self, to release our bad emotions.

While we turn toward the others, let us turn towards ourselves.

From headstrong vengeance, we attend to the hurt and pain;

From defense, we admit our own protective mechanism;

From rage and resentment, we embrace our insecurity and vulnerability;

From complaining, we confess our hope to be listened;

And from the urge for others’ attention, we realize we need to attend to ourselves first.

I hope to stress the importance that we seek to understand where our injuries come from. From exploring our negativity towards the outer surrounding, we often return to the inner self where the original hurt lies. I share with you this piece of understanding, that you are slightly empowered to face the own self.

From chasing after the outer damage, we gently open our hearts to face our inner hatred.  From there our widening acceptance and openness leads to the brighter continued journey.

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