The Slipped Chances: Gone but not Forgotten

The Slipped Chances: Gone but not Forgotten

Chance_Experience_Oct 29 2014

I am an inspirational blogger and full time counselor.  To match my blogging well with counseling, I often make good use of my one hour of work travel time to blog via my phone.

One thing I am fascinated about writing via phone is its auto save function on blog app – I simply leave the page,  and return to it anytime when the phone is not switched off. This function is useful especially as I leave transportation without completing the writing, and continue after work again.

And that was how I did the auto-saving a few days ago, and somehow at work I considered changing the battery, did it, and realized that I did not save the content. I faced the brutal truth – my content was forever lost.

I tried to recall the content as much as I wanted, and found that I could not remember much of my previous thoughts.

For me, writing derives out of own inspiration. It comes naturally and I grasp that moment of “The flow of feeling and thinking” to my writing. However, once such moment is passed, then so as the inspiration.

I was initially stunned and frustrated, and somehow my mind was drifted to many others who may also fail to catch the blissful moments, and hence the great opportunities taken away. There must be the different reasons we lose the chances, yet what never changes is the equal hard and intolerable suffering.

This is life. Chances do come and go, and it is often THAT moment which determines the long consequences. When nothing happens, we often take these chances for granted, and only as we lose them then we realize the virtues of gratitude and blessing.

I do feel lost for losing a piece of great work, but I also gain another experience of reflection. I take time reflecting on the treasurous and blissful inspiration, and my gratitude to it as it comes.

We do lose the chances, but our experience always stays.

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