Sometimes we do not have to travel a great deal to find the attractive scenaries. Look around us. Nature is everywhere.

I woke up yesterday under darkness of closed curtains. Usually I would just leave bed and get myself prepared for the day. Somehow I sat on bed, and then reached out to open the curtains.

There lie one of the most beautiful morning scenes I have ever seen. The deep blue was gradually filled with the lightful white; the clouds allows the light to playfully travel through the layers and create the reddish orange fog.

The mountains stood on the ground silently, waiting to be washed away the dark and release the bright nature green. The sea constantly moves in waves, embracing the resting ships staying overnight.

I felt the sense of tranquility. I share this with you all today.

Attend to our nature. We gain the calm but lasting vibes.

Have a good day.

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