Viewing Busy from Distance

Viewing Busy from Distance


Hong Kong is a cosmopolitan and fast paced city. With more than 7 million living population within the small compact city, Hong Kong is continuously molded into a place with efficient-focused and competitive colors.

Walking on the street in Hong Kong is never easy. Not only are you surrounded by hundreds of people around you in such narrow street, you also find yourself being compelled to move forward in rush to avoid being crashed by accident, or being pushed by the the people who simply want to go pass you.

As I was in the Central area a time for personal affairs, I went pass a shopping mall, and decided to take the opportunity to explore a bit.

I walked around the area, and passed the enclosed bridge connecting two centers together. Across the floor-to-ceiling window I gazed into the busy streets, and the hundreds of people crossing the street at green light.

I looked at the scene and felt amazed. A few minutes ago I was among one of the people rushing across the street, then the next I moved to a more distant and higher land and look at the exact scene I was in before.

Sometimes life is full of the fast paced movements. We rush, we pass and we only feel more trapped and suffocated as the more we accelerate.

Walk away from it. Take a distance and height of seeing the same situation. You find the complete different view and sometimes inspiring perspective.

At that moment I enjoyed with myself being in this different and not very familiar moment.
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