The Heavy Rain in Heart

The Heavy Rain in Heart


I began the day with a big mistake made at work. I was feeling gloomy and kept  blaming myself.

I think of many others who may be feeling similar and if not even worse today. I think of a friend who is currently under extreme work pressure on minimizing the risk or losing a over 6 million US dollars business contract. I recall another who has to handle a painful and troubling domestic matter.

I think of many people who are suffering and do not seem to find motivation or courage to face the failure and move on.  I think of many people who come across with hundreds of people everyday, yet find no one who can trust and talk to.

As I feel sad and down today, I think of many who experience the same, and have the same hope and desire to be attended to and hugged.
And because of that I hope to share my warmth and strength to these people. I am currently thinking of you, and I hope to convey my care in words to you.

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