The Chinese Stone Craft

The Chinese Stone Craft


The stone craft on the top wall of the walking passage in the ancient Chinese living home.

One of the notable Chinese cultural characteristics is the respect to the old. Within the family, the old has worked hard for the creation of  the younger’s future, and the younger generations would respect such contributions and pay their gratefulness to the old. Therefore, in the past it was common to see the four generations living within the same home, and the elderly often acted as the authorative figure.

The people do not just pay respect to the living old, they also act out their gratefulness to the passed away people. Often you may find the ancient Chinese homes in which the central living room consisted the whole wall of spiritual tablets. They were the past generations in the same blood line, and those spirits were believed to stay within the family to bring blessing.

Then it is no surprising that the stone craft would adopt the design of including the authorative older figure and others which symbolized the people’s worship to the past elders. I believe it represents the idea that people receive blessing as they walk under the passage.

Today many modern Chinese people no longer adopt such architecture of the housing, nor live with their parents after they start their own families. There is decreasing concern over the respect of the elderly, as well as the worship of the passed older generation.

Today as I go through this piece of history of my culture, I am reminded the wisdom of the past, and its linkage to my present. Learn from the past, and act upon the present, look towards the future.

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