Seeing Light in the Dark

Seeing Light in the Dark

Find Positive_Sept 16 2014

Recently I wrote in blog on my personal feelings of “raining in heart”, which then I received with gratitude and humbleness a reply from a reader who gave me warm encouragement of “focusing on something that brings peace and happiness”. I was empowered by positivism revealed within the lines of words.

I was reinforced to notice the positive(s) around me. On another day when I was onthe way back home, I experienced a thirty minutes delay due to a mechanical error as causing the traveling train to get stuck at the same spot.

This accident in Hong Kong is never a small and mindless event. Under the competitive and fast paced culture, individuals regard time efficiency as the utmost importance to success. Therefore any delay or accidents would be hardly tolerated, let alone the human errors.

And facing such “lengthy error”, I witnessed half of the passengers in my train cabin made the immediate decision to change to another transportation. Others who were indifferent to the news continued with what was happening on their mobile screens. I also asked myself whether I would change to another transport immediately to minimize the “sudden added wasting time”.

Somehow after the blissful seconds, I thought against the idea. I decided to accept whatever was coming to me, and remained at the passenger seat. I let myself “indulge” in the extra given time for self, to do some writing.

In between focusing on my mobile screen, I looked around and observed a couple still engaged deeply within their own world; the lady sitting next to me had to explain on the phone the reason she would be late, and next she returned to an app game. I watched these people with feelings of enjoyment and growing understanding.

I then turned towards the opened train door and gate entrance, and wondered how much fuel was wasted due to the leakage of the air-conditioning. After a while I realized that probably it is the openness of the train company which leaves the options for the passengers to leave the train in any minute. Moreover, perhaps if the train doors had been remained closed for too long, it would have terrified many passengers who feel trapped and left with no way out.

Soon 30 minutes passed. The train regained mobility and headed to the next station. I watched the impatient faces enter the train tube. They trigger my past memories when I used to get impatient and frustrated by the similar misfortune. Only this time I was different.

Instead of getting agitated by the bad happening to me, I attend to accept it without the over-thinking;

Instead of seeking for someone to blame, I turn to myself of what I can do;

Instead of being uncomfortable by the sudden change of situation, I take the opportunity to observe and learn.

I realize that I passed the “bad moment” with calmness, positivism and openness. And it turned out that I was given opportunity to live out the virture of patience, kindness and acceptance, instead of just passing the time with complaint.

Then I asked myself whether I would act the same in the worse adversity, and frankly the answer is no. Perhaps I would learn to seek positivism in the bad circumstances, or I would again get stuck by feelings of selfishness.

No matter what, I remember my experience of patience, kindness and acceptance, and I believe it takes into account of meaning in my life. I share this little experience with you all.

Starting from the small, we face darkness with realness of emotions, and also learn to see the positive in bad. All these small bits of learning gradually transform into the secure bed of braveness, courage and strength for our bigger adversity.

And we learn to bring light to the others. This quote is for everyone, especially for those under darkness, and struggling to find light.

I hope you find your light.

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