Mid Autumn Festival

Mid Autumn Festival


According to the Chinese Calendar, in the year of 2014, today Sept 08, is the date of August 15, the time as the moon is in its roundest shape. The festival was originated at around the 16th to 10th BCE for religious worship of the moon. Since then the meaning has been derived and richened across thousands of years of history, until it becomes a culturally diverse celebration today.

The mid Autumn festival has led to the generation of a number of beautiful tales and traditions, from the stories of the Jade Rabbit, the fairy who flow to the moon, to the popular habits of lanterns litting, mooncakes eating, and fruits display. One of the fasinating cultural traditions is the mooncake, which marks its historical significance not due to its celebrative purpose, but its role in the Ming revolution over the Mongolian ruling in Yuen Dynasty.

In order to spread the information of the revolution to the others, people smuggled the news in terms of paper hidden in the mooncake for communication. That mooncake method became a determining factor for the success of the overthrow of the Yuen Dynasty, and forever changed the Chinese history.

Today mooncakes are rather used as an exchange gift in business, or between families and friends. The current mooncakes have derived into diverse flavors and making materials  including the white pastery, yogert, jelly and ice cream, etc. The inner yolk side which used to represent the smuggling revolution notice is abandoned. However, the lengend of the revolution stays on.

Things may change their appearance and outlook, yet the meaning it has implicated never fades away.

Today we celebrate the Mid Autumn Festival. I share this mooncake image with you all, and its conveying rich and meaningful messages.

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