The older side of the city

The older side of the city


This is one of the relatively older living buildings in Hong Kong built in the 20st century. Many young who are born after the millennium may not know the fact that Hong Kong was once built up by these five floored and no more than 10 digit number blocks, before the rapid increase of the living residence in the city and hence of the popularity of skyscapers.

Nowsdays, the images of the old culture are fading out within the city.
The government has been under the project of a number of years on demolishing the old, and replacing with the new modern tall estates which can cater a much larger number of people within the same area.

Looking at this scene, I feel the flowing energy of the past, to the present, and towards the future. And yet I decided to capture this moment, hoping that I mark this sensation of the connection with history.

This is my city.

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