The Imperfect World, the Flawed Us.

The Imperfect World, the Flawed Us.

Flaw Life_Aug 22 2014

There is a purpose in life for everyone. In the purpose, there are things we seek and people involved to let us fulfill such life-goals. Sometimes we grasp the opportunities to connect with our wanted people and things, sometimes they just slip through our hands, or they are never even arriving in our lives.

We cannot always get what we want, and we easily slip into the instinctive belief that our world is not perfect. It is certainly not easy for us to live within the sense of imperfectness, and it leads to our unwanted negativity of insecurity, fear, mistake, failure, despair, dead-end, anger, misery, confusion, loss, pain, powerlessness and so on…

In our down sides and low moments then we are willing to face our “not so innocent” side. We are not perfect, and we can never be. We do succeed as much as we fail and fall; we gain great pleasure as much as we get hurt and agonize. The world around us is not flawless, yet more importantly it is our imperfect human nature which also leads to our problems.

Yet it is still ok, as this is who we are, the imperfect and flawed us. We are real in our beauty and our flaws, because this is who we are. And we accept everything about us.

And from the attendance to our realness of self, to the relation of the others, we see others’ flaws with the increasing acceptance and openness. This is perhaps what real love is about.

In our journey of living out our life purposes, we are bound to face the reality of the flawed world, and through it we reflect on our imperfect nature. We learn to accept us and others who are the same as us in flaws.

To our flawed life journey, and its realness of love.

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