Be Real when We are not OK.

Be Real when We are not OK.

Not OK_Aug 04 2014

When one says not ok, people mostly react similarly –
“You must have done “something…” wrong.”
“It is not ok to feeling not ok”
“You should change “this…” and “that…”

Most is about what we have to do to change the situation, and most of all to tell us to stay away from “not ok”.
I find that we are not well with us not feeling negative. When we are linked with negativity, it appears that our bad emotions come out – fear, anger, frustration, worries, insecurity and so on. We believe they sneak in our minds and lead us to the worse outcomes.

What are the worse outcomes then? I ask myself and come out with some possible statements.
The acceptance of the negative emotions can lead to the uncontrollable us being more emotional, and we become ineffective people.
The acceptance can harm our relationship with the others.
The acceptance can trigger our selfishness, self-centerness and greediness, and think we can do whatever we want.
The acceptance can make us think it is ok to be a bad person, and we may be encouraged to do something worse.

All those statements seem to be occupied with the similar emotions – fear, worries, negativity.
Yet as much as we keep telling ourselves to stay away from not being ok, can we do?

I believe that staying negative does not purely mean we become negative, rather more importantly, we are being true to ourselves. We are real about how we feel, what we think.
And from being real, we become free from all the precautious thinking, calculated mindsets and rational process.
We are authentic with the deeper parts of us which creates the force circulating the every part of us.

Then at this moment we ask ourselves the possibility of change. It becomes plausible and natural.
Be real, when we are positive, as well as in negative, and we are open about it to ourselves.

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