Article Sharing: Why I stopped wearing the headscarf

Article Sharing: Why I stopped wearing the headscarf

Why I stopped wearing the headscarf

Removing the headscarf seems no more important than taking off a piece of outer clothing in many individuals coming from the non-religious regions, especially China. 

Through the honest and heartfelt narrative account from this Muslim female on her journey of removing her headscarf, I connect with the raw emotions and physical sensations emitted through her struggle in finding her identity, to the freedom from the inner restrain, and there lies the end of the beginning – the battle with the external constrain still goes on. 

Religion or something else, we all face the certain surrounding restrains which appear to be “important” to us in the way they set the framing box around us. They protect us, yet also “control” us. We decide to put the fine line between the two, and let our inner voices lead us on holding such line. 

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