Discover the local culture: Bird Cages

Discover the local culture: Bird Cages


This is one common Chinese habits for the elderly – house birds. Many pretty birds in the wooden cages can be seen held by the people as they socialize and show the bird they take care of. I wonder if the birds actually realize being a pet?

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  1. This always strikes me as being cruel. Shouldn’t birds be free to fly wherever they want to? I am sure there are cultural reasons for its popularity – many of my friends in China keep birds, but I still don;t understand why.

    1. Thank you David. This bird pet tradition has long been passed across generations, and I believe nowadays people do not think of “why” but only “how”.

      Perhaps for us who are not used to the bird pet, we find it hard to believe we regard the birds as pets as we “lock them up”.
      Or for the animals, we bird owners, or dogs, or cats, or fish owers, we are not that different, as at the different degrees we “lock them” too.

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