Month: June 2014

Learning Empathy: Why Do We Need It?

Empathy is an important element for the fulfillment of one putting self into another, hence its significant role in good interpersonal relationships. In counseling learning, all teaching approaches from the various disciplines agree on the key to the building therapeutic relationship as the therapist’s empathy – the awareness of the feelings, meaning of words of
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Who Am I? On My Professional and Personal Philosophy Journey: Part Two

Part One: Originally From: The questioning of “Being Self”    I was also aware of the rising voice of the missing inner piece – now looking back I can better postulate it as the suppression of turning to the personal and subjective meaning of being human, and the forced order to objectify and
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On Openness

When I was young, I have this particular set of belief that the world is according to my knowledge, and others who are different from me might be weird and out of my way. As I grew up, I had the direct experience with many who are different from me, some who I find new
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Feeling Blessed

This is the view taken outside my room window. I am currently still in cluster bandage and spending most of the time in bed, yet as I always look out to the sky,  remains beyond beauty. I am blessed to be under the glory of The Sun.

Explore Our Innerness

Yesterday I was thrown temper by a friend. I was feeling ok. Later I could not control myself and yelled at a family member over lunch. Am I split into two persons? Or I am just being the “Me”. Yet not many people can see all our sides. Some only see the “pretty” moments of
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Being An Adult…

“Sometimes you do not feel like being an adult. All your stupid insecurities and anxieties are still there, only you feel even more stupid and insecure about being stupid and insecure which you are not supposed to be anymore. You are supposed to know and have the answers. But we don’t always know nor have
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Not to Be Strong, yet Be Real.

We come to admit that we can never be perfect. At moments of weak we are compelled to recognize our bursting unreasonable thoughts and feelings, no matter how mature we have become. And therefore we embrace them. All of them. And we face them honestly, and be true to ourselves. And so to the others
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Be “Normal” in Life

Everyone must have dreamt to shine and be someone special. Some reach the top; some stay low and desperately work to leave it. Perhaps it is how the world appears to be. A pyramid with the fewer places as we attempt to go upper. As we are trapped at the thought of Having To go
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