2014 FIFA World Cup – A Time for Heated Emotions, as well as Good Reflection

2014 FIFA World Cup – A Time for Heated Emotions, as well as Good Reflection

Currently many across the globe seem to lay their eyes on the same thing – 2014 FIFA World Cup.

The Games attract not just the football/soccer players, but also the many fans who fancy the famous players, or those who simply enjoy a good game. This is understandable, since the Games involve all players across the globe. There is no more limit on ethnicity, distance or time zone. All people meet together in Brazil for the same goal – the world championship 2014.

What is making the Games more attractive is that it is a four years event/ Like the Olympics. People find the Games such rare experience to see those who never come across paths finally come to the same football/soccer field.

The world “Fever” describes well about many people’s reaction to the Games.

Some spend quite a fortune for the Games – the Game Tickets, traveling, or those who can’t afford the traveling may rather enjoy weeks of night outs in the pubs for the Games – drinks, food/snacks…

Spending time becomes another issue too. Many people change their life routines, as they live in the different time zones than Brazil: The European side, the Middle East, as well as the huge populated Asian countries, including India and China, and many more. Many stay up at nights, or skip many ongoing tasks, like work or classes.

And all is not a problem. The Games is so exciting and addictive that we just throw ourselves into the “kick-in powerful burst of energy”.  We may forget your sleep, the skipped meals, or the long ignored personal hygiene.

Somehow I recall a video made by a famous American comedian Jimmy Kimmel for his show, which is a product of many Jimmy Kimmel Show viewers’ sharing of their prank experiments on unplugging the closed ones’ TV during the “Games”.


Kimmel joked that an online comment noted that many would be killed for doing such thing. The results of the prank turned out to be less worse than “someone” being killed. From the reactions of the people who were watching “The Game”, most were shocked, and there was an immediate yearning for getting the “The Game” back. And we are not surprised to see that people reacted hostile and upset towards the people doing the unplugging.

Some swore.    Some gave the most desperate craziest yells and screams.     Some with short temper threw furniture.    Some did physical torture on the unplugging person.

While I was amazed to see the heated scenes from those “game” watchers, I also wonder how much a Sports Game has control over a person. People’s emotions, lifestyle, personal work, and even health are quickly sucked into the uncontrollable wheel. We simply cannot stop or control ourselves.

This can be frightening. We may amend all the changes we make after the Games, yet it is hard to change what’s changed in the relationships. Even physical marks can heal, yet we face the even more difficult fading of the hurt in the hearts – the Snaps, heated temper, the rows.

And yet the Games does have this powerful influences, because it HEATS EVERYTHING UP. And under such Heat, who cannot maintain the calmness or manners?

Writing about the 2014 FIFA World Cup also makes me think of many other times when we lose control like this. Not just the Sports Games. it can be the computer Games/TV episode we are addicted into. Or it’s bigger than that – our days of work on a proposal, or hours of cooking.

All the moments when we are so obsessed at something, or at times we hold such strong expectations. When these certain critical moments may be disturbed by someone, let us keep trying to think about the good things we learn everyday.

We think about the everyday care we receive from the others.

We think about the SMALL things we do not take for granted in life.

We think how blessed we are for being in front of the people who love us, and who we love.

We think of hope that we still stay with these people in our future, and in our whole lives.

2014 FIFA World Cup. It can be a good lesson for us to learn to maintain, and even step up our values and growth.

Think about our family. Do they have to do extra because we generate much unhandled stuff – unclean dishes, dirt on floor, moved furniture, etc?

Think about the neighbors who may live close (esp for those living in the apartments) – do they hear our loud sounds?

Think about the colleagues who may be affected by our unfocused work concentration?

Think about the environment as we use much more electricity, or we generate much food waste? And many more…

Certainly when we think about our impacts on the others, or we are actually the ones being impacted. What do we do? And when things do go wrong, and rows do happen, how do we recover and amend?

Perhaps 2014 FIFA World Cup can be more than an enjoyable time for soccer or being fanboys/fangirls. It can also be one of, or an important experience for our reflection and growth.

    Now it is only the beginning of the Games. And Here We Go.

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